Lincoln calling last night was awesome. Tonight gonna rule as well


Lincoln Calling

I will be heading down to the 12th street pup to see some of my favorite solo artists kick some butt.
It is an early show at 6pm sharp $3 (only $.075 per band) featuring:

Corey Kibler
* last minute sub
* one of the few men who makes me swoon
* Nature vs nurture vid / myspace
* stream or download his album

Pat Bradley
* swoontastic
* playing in 3 diff bands at Lincoln Calling
* stream or download his album

Dan Jenkins (Dancakes / Wheely McSlain / Dantana / Danimal / etc..)
* Singer / guitar for Ideal Cleaners
* swoon

Nick Westra
* do not know much about him, but should still rule.

The shows last night were awesome. The Rococo had a good turnout and E*S rocked the place. Headed to Duffy’s to see gooses which so fricking rock. Then a band played on top of the State Theater marquee after gooses finished. Headed back to watch Dean Armband melt our faces off.
Damn it is gonna rule



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