lets put Outback style ranch on everything


The Outback steakhouse has such delicious ranch. Theresa found a clone recipe and she tweaked it a bit.

I use the paprika and add about half as much cayenne (1/16 teaspoon) and up the garlic a tiny bit.

She has been adding shredded cucumber and using the stick blender to mix it in good. For about 2 weeks now we have been having side salads with meals, Theresa has been dipping carrots in it for snacks, Doritos are good with ranch, and I have just been dunking fancy lettuce in there as a late night snack. So good.


It seems that Bacos have changed their packaging from the bottle to a resealable bag. I am not too excited about the change. Bacos are extremely fragile and can take on moisture really quick, which ruins them. If you do not get the bag sealed up all the way you are hosed. The good thing is that Bacos still make my pee smell.

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