lemon pasta, seared chicken, and brushetta was a great healthy meal.


Was listening to splendid table on NPR sat and heard a call from a lady who ate something in Italy and wanted to recreate it. It is a pretty cool method and made a great meal. Simple too.

Seared some chicken breasts in some olive oil with a bit of salt and pepper. Wrapped them in some foil and set aside.


Turned the heat off on the pan and let it cool down. Added some more olive oil, shredded garlic, lemon zest, some juice from the lemon, salt, and pepper to the pan to warm and infuse the flavor. The fond from the chicken added some good flavor.


cooked some linguine in not much water. Took 1/4 cup of the pasta water and added to the pan. Brought it to a simmer and reduced it. It made a slightly thicker sauce. Tossed in the pasta and a bit of parm cheese to coat the pasta.


The flavor was great and light. Did not use too much olive oil so it was not oily. We will try it again for sure and add some fresh basil for color and flavor.

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