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Lemon garlic chicken with a basil cream sauce shell pasta


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So after Theresa got back we kinda decided to tweak our meals towards being slightly healthier. We are working in salads, more veg, and cutting the portions of the rich foods we so love. We still get the good stuff which we can prepare once and stretch for 3 to 4 meals.

Tonight we hit the store for just a few meals and other assorted items. We wanted a quick meal and thought we would try lemon garlic chicken again. Last time (did not blog about it) we let it sit in the bag marinating overnight. Huge mistake. It was so sour you could hardly eat it. We figured 15 to 30 minutes would do it for us. WRONG. It was still too much. Next time we attempt this, if ever again, we will just put the lemon juice in the pan with the chicken.

We have a huge mass of fresh herbs kicking so a fist of basil and parsley


Julienned the basil and chopped the parsley


Squeezed two lemons for their blood


Some shredded garlic.



Smashed some chicken breasts to about 1/4 an inch thick


put it all in a bag


I captured none of the sauce. I swear I will do that here soon. We have it really down.
Boiled some shells and tossed them in with more basil and parsley



Blurry pic, but them some flavor filled smooshed breasts. I added salt and pepper and got a good browning from cooking them in clarified butter.


The tangy tart chicken was balanced out by the pasta sauce and the salad. We prob could of mixed them and made an amazing meal (not the salad :p )

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