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Lego Star Wars is silly fun

Picked it up at the 27th and Hwy2 shopko. Man that area is like a ghost town. They did not have any of the game on the shelf and we had to ask for it. Started playing after dinner and it took a bit to figure it out. Most games will give you some training or hints when you start, not with this game. After slicing some lego people and seeing their parts bounce around on the floor we realized that we could both play at the same time. We rushed to another shopko and picked up another nunchuck.

When we both got in the game we figured a few things out. you really cannot die. your parts blow up and you regenerate. The wii controls are not all that special, neat, but you can do it all by pressing buttons or wiggling the wiimote from side to side a bit. Took Theresa a while to get it down. Two players makes it a bunch easier. It is pretty much a puzzle game and you have a crew of charachters you can take control of. C3PO lost a leg and hopped around all funny, then he lost an arm and we had to put him down (don’t worry he regenerated). Was funny watching him try to keep his balance with one arm and one leg.

There are 36 levels, 6 for each movie. I am not too familiar with Star Wars, but I recognized a bunch of stuff. I am sure once we beat it together we will sell or trade it, but it is fun to be able to play together.

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