Le Quartier now making frozen pizza


Was wondering through the newly expanded and remodeled Open Harvest and saw that LeQuartier had three variations of frozen pizza on their crusts. There was a meat one, a veggi, and this pizza lyonnaise one I picked up.

Creamy leek sauce (cream, leek, feta, garlic, salt), artichoke hearts, mushrooms (portobella, button), bacon, onion, salt.

Seems they forgot to list cheese as an ingredient, but I am pretty sure it was mozzarella. I am a huge fan of their pizza crusts and enjoy them for lunch with light toppings. This frozen pizza was loaded with toppings. It was a hearty meal and could easily be split between two people with a side salad and some bread. At just under $7 it was a bit pricey, but local and made with great ingredients.

The Leek sauce scared me before I tried it, but it was delicious. Not greasy and the big chunks of toppings made each bite unique. I would eat it again for sure.



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