LCD TV and connections Q / HDMI Slingbox?

goal: to get the signal of whatever is on the living rooms TV to be in the kitchen. DVD or DVR signal

What I have now: a coaxial cable running from the back of the DVR in the living room into the back of the TV in the kitchen. DVD players do not have coaxial out so the DVD signal does not make it to the kitchen.

Plan: getting a 24 inch or smaller LCD in the kitchen and most do not have a coaxial connection, so was looking at other options that will allow DVR and DVD signal to be mirrored on both TVs.

– 45 foot HDMI cable and HDMI switcher from monoprice. that is a good solution as far as I can tell because the HDMI switch even had IR receiver so our universal remote could do the switching between DVR and DVD.

My boss mentioned a slingbox might work, but I need to do some research on exactly what they can do and which model we would need.

If any of ya have any suggestions that would be awesome.


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