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Las Herraduras

So the Ground Zero and Mr. Wilson have already made it there, so I had to stop by after renewing my drivers license. FYI: they do not have a bike rack at the DMV on west O.

I usually get the same thing when I check a mex place out, chicken enchilada. I showed up a bit past 2 PM, which is when their lunch special ends, but they let me go with that anyway. A trio of salsas came with a basket of flour chips. The red salsa was good and had a black pepper flavor, the green was my fave and pretty standard, there was a darker salsa with a roasted flavor. I will call it the chicken wing salsa and it was unique and delicious. The rice was rice, the beans were good, but not uber spicy. Neat thing about the beans was that there were still whole beans in there which made a nice texture. The enchiladas were a bit different than what I am used to. Mixed in with the meat was chilies and the sauce was a darker red, almost mole sauce. They had sprinkled very finely diced onions on top of them as well as sour cream and crumbled queso.

It seems many places around town have similar offerings and flavors, I was quite surprised at how this was a bit different. I look forward to heading back since it is so close to my house at 1st and West O street. Going to try something a bit more adventurous next time.

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