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laminating done and an awesome home cooked meal


We did stovetop mac and cheese for an easy meal while we continued to organize the kitchen and wash all the dishes that were stored in the basement.
We basically ate munchies and fast food for a week. The days before we started work on the kitchen we were running around to get supplies and ate out the whole time. I ate Runza twice on sat. The fast food was killing us. And using the small bathroom sink for everything sucked hard.
This mac and cheese was a mouthgazm. So delicious.

We finished the laminating, oiled up some oak, caulked the sink, and will set the removable countertop tomorrow. We are still trying to figure out where to put stuff and dinner tonight was hectic because we were so out of the normal “get this there” flow.

Sorry to go off so much about the new kitchen, but it is such a huge thing for us. Our only big thingwe have done after living here for 6 + years. I will hold updates on it all till we finish all the tile and painting.

The microwave and toaster oven fit perfectly in the lower area. The masking tape is there till we set the upper part tomorrow.

You can click on the above pic and view it in a bigger version.
If you do you can see just how slanted my kitchen floor is. On the main side the cabinets touched the floor in back and had to not only be shimmed, but 1X4’s were set down to have it all sit level cabinet and countertop wise. When you stand in the kitchen you can see the slant of this 100+ year old house. A marble can sit on that countertop and be level. Scott RULES!!!!!

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