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kitchen upgrade: new sink


We shopped hard for this sucka. I really loved another pegasus model at home depot, but the smaller sink on the side instead of two the same size intrigued me and T. We hit up every home improvement place multiple times to find the right one. We went with this pegasus brand which is made by someone else and sold only in HD cuz it was what we wanted and a bit cheaper than some of the other brands.

The pegasus 609 949 sink is a dark black granite quartz sink which is a composite / plastic / acrylic thang. The color runs all the way through and it is pretty awesome. Our old sink was 18 X 19 and I thought it was huge. I figured going dual sink I would have to sacrifice and get a smaller was sink and have the other for rinsing off dishes (no dishwasher). The bigger 1/2 is 10 inches deep and the same size as my old single sink. It is huge. The second is smaller and 8 inches deep. A pic of the cat in it is to come. Man we are ready. We figure get it going in two weeks with the cabinet install and a week of work to get it done. Should be fun.

Check how my biggest pan still sits flat. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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