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Kid Rock thrown from moving vehicle and you should adopt him cuz OMG he is adorable

From Heart United for Animals blog (Where we got Zoey)

It was a quiet afternoon at the shelter when a man and his teenage son pulled up in a pickup. The dad informed us that his son found a puppy in the in a ditch in the country the night before while out having a good time with his buddies and wondered if we could help. We were anticipating a Labrador, or some other typical breed for the rural areas. The son got out of the truck and presented our volunteer with a little yellow puppy who weighed less than 3 pounds. He was the most adorable little thing we’d ever laid eyes on. We of course said we were happy to take him.

We noted that the little pup was very snorty and his breathing was labored. He lapped up soft food and water but we could tell he needed immediate veterinary care, so minutes later he was on his way to the Animal Emergency Clinic in Omaha. We were thinking antibiotics and time on oxygen would fix him up. We were very disappointed, as was the veterinary staff, to learn that he had severe injuries consistent with being thrown from a moving vehicle. He had a scar on his head, his eye was red from trauma, a rib was fractured and his jaw was broken and severely displaced. We were sick about it. Despite his injuries this gorgeous little pup wagged his tail, squirmed and was so happy to be with people.

Good news is he is getting better and his jaw has healed. He still a bit too young to get fixed and needs to heal up some more, but he will be looking for a forever home soon.

There are some mean people out there, but some really good ones like HUA. A friend is currently going through the process of adopting a dog from HUA. They are so awesome and the fee is very reasonable considering the animals will be current on shots and fixed to be adopted out.

Zoey had a rough start as well. Her Mom, Victoria, was found in a shelter shut down by the state.

Victoria was in a tiny, filthy cubicle with her three puppies who were less than two weeks old. They had no food, no water and only wet and moldy wood chips for “bedding.” Victoria had intestinal parasites and was very thin but still trying to feed and care for her babies.

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