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Tonight started a new thingy on this site concerning me. I am 31 and slightly overweight, and not happy about it one bit. After moving into the IT carrer from active jobs I have gained weight. I went from 175 to 189 over a year. 189 is the peak and I hope to never see it again. I got into biking and lost 6 pounds and hovered around 182-184 for quite a while. Then the collarbone breaks brought me down. I am 189 once again.

Since Oct 4th (the initial break) to today, I have done around 30 miles commuting to work and 3 trips through wilderness. The day I started commuting after the second collarbone break was the day my bike was stolen. I have let bummin and eating plus being severely lazy get me to this point. Well I am done with that crap.

lazy dog

CVO from folksfromlincoln has been blogging about his training and it inspired me. I busted out the rollers and put the moots on. I did a grand total of one mile wed night. I have actual excuses for the low distance. But I did it and it put the fricking hurt on me. Rollers are crazy. It is like trying to stay up on ice. Every slight movement beyond keeping perfect balance is magnified severely. Plus it is human powered. Much energy is needed to overcome the resistance of the friction, not to mention I am not running slicks. Also I was in a higher gear.

Thing is you will get a small post every time I hit the rollers or get out on a ride from now till Feb 4th. That will be the 4th month after the initial breaking of my collarbone (second was Dec 4th) when I will get back to dirt trail riding figuring the healing will be strong enough to handle the occasional spill. I will not break it a 3rd time and the second healing is much stronger since the fusing material was present, therefor shortening the healing time.

I ask of you to be slightly brutal or supportive of me. I am throwing it out there sort of a challenge for myself for you to keep me honest and on top of it.

My pledge: at least 4 good rides or roller sessions a week.

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