Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane

Well I fired up the VCR? Not sure but it was some ancient machine that held video on tape.
Any way I had some sacred magnetic scrolls with some good stuff on em.

Here is the first. Theresa got me a tandem skydive certificate for me before we got married. Since I bought her a ring and we go dutch on everything it was cool, it was her present to me. She worked overtime for a few months to pay for it. Fricking love her.

Anyway it was the clubs boogie where they get a rail car with wings” and jump out of it a bunch. Cool thing is they go to 13,000 feet instead of the usual 10.000 feet. SO I got 2 more seconds or so of free fall.

I paid the guy to film it and he kicked butt. It was quite a long trip to the top, I could not sleep the night before, and well it was fricking awesome.

Look at how small the clouds look when I jump out of the plane. Then we open right on them. I spent 3 minutes in the clouds. Very rare. They grounded the plane after our jump because of clouds.

I will get my license this summer. Me swears.

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