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IV. Split Lip Rayfield rocked Davey’s uptown.

Davey’s is a pretty small place, almost an exact copy of knickerbockers, but even smaller. They spared little time ripping into the set. It was awesome to see Kirk up there and Wayne with them again. The energy of the music was there, but you could see how the toll of cancer treatment affected Kirk. He was very pale, had a fedora on, and looked thin. After a few songs he seemed to get a little more vibrant, they were all grinning ear to ear and the tempo and mood kept going up.

Grabbed this with my camera, not the best, but still good. “In the ground”

The crowd was amazing. It seemed as if the place was filled with die-hard fans. The majority of their songs have them doing 2-4 part harmonies. The crowd joind in and sang along with every song. At times they would just let the crowd do the singing. The energy of the crowd was amazing. It was packed, filled to the brim. I was pretty far back and still enjoyed the heck out of it.

Sure many of their songs are kinda dark, killing people, dealing with bodies, and drinking. They do have a few slower songs and they played the one. “Used to be” is a song about a relationship, but it had another meaning this time. Kirk was diagnosed with esophigal cancer in febuary. During the operation to remove the tunor they noticed it had spread to his lymph nodes around his aorta, he has been labled terminal 🙁 it is inoperable. He is aggresivily treating it and trying to remain active and fight it, the future is uncertian. The lyrics of the song:
“I love you with all my heart
until the day we drifted apart
and I can’t stand loosing you”
It was like a punch in the gut, it was on everybody’s mind. The crowd exploded into a 5 minute ovation. Wayne introduced us to the great Kirk Rundstrum, it was awesome and sad at the same time. Kirk was humbled. They kept right on rocking for another hour, about a full 2 hour show. Quite impressive when your songs are only a little over 2 minutes long.

After an awesome 3 song encore Kirk came down into the crowd and it was like the largest group hug ever. I thanked him and shook his hand. People were crying and others were just happy to be a part of it. It was quite an emotional experience. Even on their site it mentions the last tour. I was very luck to be able to see the first show of this tour. There have been tons of benefits for Kirk. All sales of the merch was going to him, I am sure the procedes of the shows are as well. The merch table being run by Amanda was swamped all night. There was a donations pitcher which was prob emptied a few times.

better quality song vids.
in the ground
redneck tailgate dream
Kiss of death almost all of it, memory filled

split lip rayfield daveys uptown KC MO

the bar was made out of old style cans cut up and covered with a laminate
rear bar at daveys uptown KC MO

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