it is Fuggles who is scared now


So the little incident with Fuggles Monday shook T up a bit. it was a freak accident. Fuggles is not a meanie pants, aggressive, or an attack dog. She just had a bad day and did not want to give up her rawhide and Maggie was in no mood for her. So I had mentioned that T was afraid, well no more.

Fuggles cannot do anything without permission from T. T eats first, then fuggles has to sit patiently until T says it is OK to eat the food in the bowl. Fuggles has to sit before she can go outside, no couch, bed only after she is invited, and praise when she is good.

We visited the canine consultant last night and she was pretty good. We gonna get some help from them. They had a kitty that hangs out there. Was pretty cool seeing the cat walk right up to Fuggles and the sniffins. One brave cat.

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