iphone or droid?

We are ready to upgrade our phones.
Currently iphone 3G and it hurts

Looking for input from someone who has had both. So no poll. I am not a huge apple fan myself, but like the iphone.
After you have used linux, using an apple is like a chastity belt. 2nd worst OS evar.

What we are looking for
1. Absolutely has to have a good camera and video. I am looking to stop carrying around my digicam.
2. Good maps.
3. do the good apps even compare?

I will look into using droid with linux. I forking hate having to boot into windows to sync my phone, but would still put up with it for an iphone4.

My friend has the EVO and the forker is huge, I want to keep it small. No keypad, I like it on screen.

I can get a refurb iphone4 for $160

And if you have any good links I would appreciate it.

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