Inspired LED under cabinet lights rule



Theresa has been anoying me for years to REPLACE THE FRICKING UNDERCABINET LIGHT” and I am all …… I will look into it …… I did research and it just drained me because it was just so hard…

Well she did the research and fricking nailed it.

Inspired LED really nails it. They had lights in lengths by the half inch. Super customizable and we bought with confidence and were rewarded for sure.

The Lutron dimmer is a nice feature. No warmth at all. Insanely easy install as long as you are willing to play with electrical switches / wires. The LED lights are just as bright if not brighter than the halogens we had before. Thunky is going to be pissed his heat lamps are gone.

This was the “test” and we will continue on the rest of the kitchen for sure with Inspired LED lights. They are great.

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