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Ingress is cool

Ingress is a great game to play for many reasons. Real world augmented reality gaming that get you moving around and interacting with your local area. It is GPS based and you physically need to move to play the game. A portal needs to be within 40 meters of you to be able to interact with it. When you start playing it seems like a solo mission. You are just trying to build up your agent level and do all you can. Quickly you get sucked into the team part of it though. Here in Lincoln we have an amazing resistance community. We work together to achieve operations that are beneficial to our team. I am so grateful to have met so many great people and we chat through hangouts all the time. Ingress is a a game that benefits from you working with others.

On the morning of 12-13-14 the Resistance team was able to pull off an amazing feat of creating a field that covered a huge chunk of our continent and the sea.


Portal: Halape Guardian the Traveler in Hawaii, portal: Big Bend National Park Panther Junction visitor center in Chihuahua Mexico, and portal: Rock Harbor Map in Ontario (L1) make the field. It must of taken hundreds of people to make this happen. Just like Ghostbusters, no links can cross. Every link that had been thrown between those three points needed to be taken down. So Resistance agents all through the US, including Lincoln and Omaha agents, went out this morning to clear the paths. The amount of work that would of taken is simply amazing.

The field went up 40 minutes before the checkpoint, where score is measured, and made it. This resulted in the Resistance winning every bit of blue sky it covered. mowtequilia earned 45 million MU for throwing the last link to create the field and is the leader in all the cells that were covered. It bumped the local cell by 10K. That might not make any sense, but it was really cool 🙂

Ingress is more than a game you play on your phone. It has led me to become more physically active, introduced me to so many cool people, taught me about local pieces of art, and has given me a passion to play. It is really rewarding when you get to create some cool fields and help out your team.

If you are interested in Ingress download the app. Of course I would love you to join the Resistance team 🙂 If you are on the blue Resistance I can help ya and give ya tips.

Here is a vid on how the game works:

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