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IN-N-OUT burgers are pretty darn good


So the mini trip to CA to drive the uhaul full of my friends stuff back to Lincoln was not gonna be filled with too much adventure or cool stuff, but I really wanted to try an IN-N-OUT burger since I have heard such good stuff about them. We hit the one in Westwood (I think) by UCLA. Behind the place you can see the FOX tower I hear is in the promo before movies. It was one of the best parts of the trip.

I usually get my burgers plain, but had to order it “animal style” since that is their specialty. I had them hold the onion though. Animal style is basically thousand island dressing with the other usual decked out burger fixings. The strawberry shake almost killed me cuz it was so good and was going to put me over the edge if I drank all of it. Neither burger joint we hit offered bacon though. Must be a midwest thing.


As you can see in the above pic it was crammed full of stuff and the cheese was thick. All the goop worked really well with the double burgers. The fries were pretty good too, not as crisp as I would of liked, but nummy. I eventually picked off all the veg and the quality was there. It would be the Runza around those parts. We plan on heading back out there later this year and will make sure to hit them up a couple times for sure.

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