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Ignite Lincoln 4 tonight at the Rococo

Ignite Lincoln 3: Steve Ramos—“Pinball: A Game Of Skill” from Ignite Lincoln on Vimeo.

^ my presentation last year ^

All of the early bird tickets are gone, but if you show up just before 7 PM they can get you in. Speakers for tonight:

Pat Leach—What’s Black & White & Red All Over?
Uie Ross—No Coast Derby Girls
Kelli Britten—Become A Networking Ninja
Deana Ward—Chaos Takes More Energy
Justin McDowell—Creating An Heirloom Culture
Jonathan Gardner—IP IP, Hooray
Taylor Kibbie—The Art & Science Of Booze
Heather Sticka—The Confessions I Was Forced To Make
Brad White—Google Can’t Help You Raise 14 Kids
Phil Burcher & Mike Smith—Skateboarding & The Community
Aaron Holmberg—Home Brewing
Chante Earthwell—Get Unwasted
Tim Burke—On the Road
Luann Finke—The Landscape of Inspiring Stress
Wendy Bantam—Public Art: Bonding the City of Lincoln
Carrie Honz—Raptor Recovery
Kevin Shinn—How To Eat Better

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