I will make Al Bundy proud

At some point in time you just have to give up and hire someone to do the work. That is where I am at with the toilet. I was so frustrated yesterday. The toilet is currently up on shims and working, but all is not right. I am taking Theresa up on her offer to buy a new toilet and hiring a plumber to install the new one and rooter out the basement one. So done. I am still gritting my teeth from yesterday. I got so darn angry. A good friend Gene talked me down from the ledge.

Borky: fricking hate that terlit
Borky: still not done πŸ™
Geeeeeeeene: Would it be helpful to have a plumber do it?
***Geeeeeeeene hides after asking question
Geeeeeeeene: Just given your level of frustration.
Borky: first it was the bolts that hold the tank to the base were rusty
Borky: was not able to break it free, so had to sawzall it
Geeeeeeeene: Yikes
Borky: now it is just the wax ring I used has a plastic ring in it and is not made for my kind of terlit
Borky: so it needs the right ring
Geeeeeeeene: I believe in you
Geeeeeeeene: Do you want me to send you inspirational youtube videos?
Borky: ha
Borky: 9it just is one of the few things that just fills me with so much rage
Borky: like the thing that turns me into the hulk
Geeeeeeeene: Plumbing?
Borky: where Theresa is scared type of shit
Geeeeeeeene: or the toilet itself?
Borky: I am still mad
Borky: mostly plumbing, but specifically the toilet
Borky: just makes me mad
Geeeeeeeene: Can I be honest?
Borky: ya
Geeeeeeeene: I know that you can fix it, because you always do. Butt,
Geeeeeeeene: some butt humor
Borky: πŸ˜‰
Geeeeeeeene: But, if it’s making you that upset, it might be worth having someone else do it.
Geeeeeeeene: Speaking from experience.
Geeeeeeeene: Life is too short, you know?
Borky: ya
Geeeeeeeene: Bottom line is that you’re a happy person, and I don’t want to see a pooper get you all poopy.
Geeeeeeeene: πŸ™‚
Borky: IYQ
Geeeeeeeene: And this is the closest I get to the tough love stuff, but there could have been a mang or woman in the bathroom working on the toilet, while you played pinball or watched Dr. Who with your lovely wife.
Borky: true
Borky: true
Borky: 3 trips to the store
Borky: prob gonna fix it right after work
Geeeeeeeene: And the time and trips to the store are okay if you enjoy it.
Geeeeeeeene: Or don’t mind it. And I know that there are plenty of home improvement stuff that you like doing and get satisfaction from.
Geeeeeeeene: But the toilet is not worth your emotional energy. It’s for pee, poop, and barf.
Borky: your words are wise and true
Borky: thanks
Geeeeeeeene: No problem. I only say that because I love you guys and don’t want to see you all stressed out.
Geeeeeeeene: I also only say that because I’m in love with the plumbers that I hire.
Geeeeeeeene: John Henry’s Plumbing.
Borky: Theresa mentioned a couple times that she would buy a new one
Geeeeeeeene: Perhaps you should listen to your wife.
Geeeeeeeene: And sometime in the near future, take the toilet out to an abandoned field and blow it the f**k up.
Borky: πŸ™‚

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