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I was actually productive this weekend


Put up a double clothes line. Easy to take down, but I made it 75 inches high so it can stay up and I can walk under to mow. Fought the weather Sunday, but still saved 5 loads from the dryer.


Thunky was very concerned that one of our neighbors was rushed off in an ambulance. I have no info on it though.


Ate good and even hosted some friends over for uber mac and chesse. Theresa makes nummy bruchetta.

So a couple weeks back we got a new patio set. It was the floor model at the end of the season so we got a really good deal. The insert in the table was glass and it shattered before we even sat down on the chairs 🙁
Been working on ways to replace it and I decided to just use stuff around the house. Some particle board and left over laminate from the kitchen worked out pretty well. I still have a lot of work to do to protect it from the elements, but a cheap fix. The chairs are pretty nice and I have been using them in the house because they provide great support for my back.



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