I swear I am not doctor shopping premium grade cortizone


After hitting my insurance deductible I am taking care of some issues. About 2 weeks ago I visited a Podiatrist for some foot pain. I did my research and figured it was plantars fasciitis and the doc confirmed. Not really knowing what treatment would be he offered up a cortizone shot. It totally hit the spot. I am doing my stretches and wearing proper footwear, but that shot worked great.

I have been putting up with some tennis elbow problems for quite some time, but it super flared up a couple weeks ago when I moved to a new desk. About a week ago it was so angry after a weekend of sanding and generally elbow intense activities. I made a doc appt and the earliest I could get was a week out. Ugh.. It is doing pretty good now, but I still went to the appt just in case. In the lobby there were so many folks with braces, crutches, slings, casts, and there I am with a slightly tender elbow. I felt a bit out of place, but my doctor rules and totally wanted to help me and suggested we start with a cortizone shot.

Where else can I get that magic goo injected?

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