I still am not accepting that we now have new carpet in the house


14 years ago I knew this place needed new carpet. Carpet had to wait till all the other remodeling was done. The time finally came on MLK day 2015 and it is amazing.




The layer of caked on dirt on the main route through the house was liked a mud cake. The carpet pulled was not the first time carpet had been laid. The previous carpet was glued down. It took a lot of work, but we got it clean and the new stuff put down was Tempurpedic foam and bitchin carpet. It is glorious. The amount of work to get ready for it took 20 + totes and insane purging.

I still amd not sure about it all. The decade plus wait for decent carpet has still not really set in yet. It is gnarly though. The livestock seem really happy.



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