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I love my new neighbors

So new neighbors moved across the street into the house that has haunted us for a while. Oh the stories I could tell from 10 years. Last year a very nice older lady moved in and it was awesome… but she left last month because utilities were too high on the shit house. A new family moved in. A mom with two sons, one is of driving age and a gangsta.

Yesterday at lunch the one son was driving his mom’s car and went into the neighbors driveway and then tore through his yard to his driveway. It was odd, but we just shrugged. Kids will be kids. Last night the cops were called by somebody because the gangsta son got a new ford SUV and all the doors were open and apparently the alarm was going off for a long time. We were not aware of what happened, but I heard from other neighbors.

sent this to my awesome neighbors (the cool friendly couple) after todays lunch:

I can’t wait till you get home. I would grab a pic, but I am scared. Car parts and other assorted junk is strewn out front, the porch railings are gone, and there is an orange and black KEEP OUT sign. It is possible they are repairing the porch and all the junk is out there for some project. Strewn

And the quick run down of this eve:

Going to try and do this all in one breath. I grabbed 17 minutes of vid which will be uploaded *gulps* I come home and the mess is still there, but the KEEP OUT sign is down. Cop comes over.. seems they wanted to report a vandalism from last night because the moms car was damaged and the keys were stolen.. kid talks to the cops first, then mom, then the kid comes down and gets all gangsta on the cop.. cop grabs kid and puts him in the back of the cop car.. mom freaking out.. kid is screaming about how cops hate God and Jesus and beating on the cop car windows… cop deals with the freaked out mom and calls for backup… calm returns.. kid is being let out of the car when the kids friend pulls up and all hell breaks loose.. cop tells the friend to leave and for the mom to sit on the curb… kid freaks out and the cop takes him down right when the 2nd cop shows up… kid cuffed and put in cop car… kid begins kicking and screaming… kid starts having an asthma attack, mom gets inhaler, cop gives him some puffs… calm eventually returns… mom decides to not report vandalism and after the kid keeps screaming gangsta, kneeling in the street screaming about God and Jesus begging to be arrested… the cops leave. The restraint the cops showed was simply amazing. I would of tazed that kid SO HARD

Vid starts right before the take down. The pounding is the uncuffed kid in the back of the cop car. Not much happens after the first 5 minutes

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