I have achieved the impossible. I bought a bag of crap


Whats a bag of crap? Only one of the most coveted things on the internets. woot had a woot off which I run a woot checker the past 3 days. (which I got average 100,000 hits per day ๐Ÿ™‚

A bag of crap is so stupid, but yet the most covveted of the woot community. Even woot mocks those who buy it. But some people have gotten Wii’s, plasma TV’s, and many other awesome stuffis. For the Wii’s they had woot employees wait in lines and overnight shipped them to 3 lucky people. But mostly what you get is complete crap. Once a guy got a box of laptop bag straps, and usually it is pencils or even dumber crap.

There were 9,000 BOC’s and they did it a bit different this time. Normaly the BOC will bring their servers down for almost an hour. They did 5 super tiny BOC’s this time. Most sold out in under 1 second. Theresa saw this last one and clicked and got it while I was on the laptop trying to get her one. It really is her BOC, but we gonna share it.

You have to buy 3 so that means only 3,000 peeps got a BOC. $5 S&H and well I will let you know what I get. This is prob the 12th BOC I have seen, and my first time getting one.


I feel like I won the Lottery ๐Ÿ˜‰

Look what being a woot off checker does to my stats. Just fun and gets the blog out there.


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