I gots spots but they going bye bye

There is a fungus amungus all, but it messes with me. Tinea versicolor is in simplest terms a collection of yeast and fungus that causes spots. We all have it on our skin, but for me about every two years it freaks out. I think I was about 15 when I first noticed it. We went to LinCcare and it was misdiagnosed. He gave me some ointment and sent me home. Well I, like most lazy Americans want a one pill fix.

So today I get to take my two 200mg Ketocanazol pills and it will basically scrub anything that is fungal / yeasty from my body. Cool eh? So this would be my 9th or 10th time I have had to take a drug for it. Before it was two pills once a week, one pill a day for a week, but this is the first time it was a one swallow type thing. Dam you evil scientists.

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