I done did git-r-done and I do not feel dirty


Schillingbridge winery / brewery is bottling their signature beer sold under the Larry the cable guys famous catchphrase. Adam at Genos was excited to point it out to me and I was sold. Theresa lost all respect for me when I made it home. I respect her concern, but I simply had to try it.

light golden in color, malt, and hops. The flavor is crisp, clean, and refreshing.

On the label is lists corn which I bet they are using flaked corn because processing corn is a pain. It is light, but still has some good mouth feel and good hop flavor, but not much in the aroma. The biggest surprise is the malty aftertaste which makes this beer stand out. It is about the same price as Budweiser’s American Ale and completely kicks its arse. Yup Larry the cable guy’s beer is better than Bud’s attempt at making real beer. Goes great with Jeff Foxworthy’s ham jerky.

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