I could use a nap

That there is Jesse James an uber cutie. Little guy all tuckered out and zonked. I poked him a few times, nothing was gonna wake him up. After last nights festivities I feel about the same.

When I woke up this morning I panicked cuz I could not find my keys.
I could lock the door of the house and Have T let me in for lunch, but how would I lock my bike up?
I know I had them when we left cuz I unlocked the trunk to put the chair in there.
IM’ed Theresa and asked if she found them, she said she would look. I told her to look in the keyhole of the trunk, that was where they were. Amazed they made it through the ride home.

time for a little air freshener

nothing but a huge wet mark and a pleasing scent

16 freaking thousand crackers

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