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I can never get enough corn

Corn pile

Headed to the Old Cheney farmers market again this weekend to pick up 3 more dozen sweet corn from Daniels Produce. It is so good, oh man. I asked JR of Hollenbeck where to get my sweet corn from and he said without question it is the best at the farmers market.

From their site:

We preserve the natural sugar in every ear so our corn taste as sweet and fresh as if it just came off the stalk. All sweet corn is hydro cooled with 38 degree water within 30 minutes or less, after picking

That pretty cool. We only have about 3 more weeks to get more so I guess we will be stocking up on tons of this corn. We have had it with almost every meal this last week and I am still craving it right now. Shucking, boiling, ice bath, and cutting the corn off the cob is a bit of work, but so worth it.

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