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I can finally see those cars behind me. Serfas Sike sunglasses part II


I have had a bad run with sunglasses. This is my 3rd pair of Serfas Sike glasses which finally arrived over lunch. I had gotten the first 2 pairs from Monkey Wrench Cycles as well as another pair of serfas glasses from them. I love them because of their open bottom and side frame as well as the interchangable lenses that make them suitable for day and night riding.

I headed to the MWC and they had no more left so I tried some photochromic ones which I only slightly liked and ended up loosing them on a night ride and not able to find them the next day in the light. I had 2 sets of 3 lenses left over and wanted the ones I like so searched around on the internets looking for them. Found a few shops online and amazon. I trust amazon more, but they spiked the price up. Said screw it and got some more stuff from amazon and failed to notice shipping was $15 on the glasses. Then waited a week till they finally decided to ship them and it took even longer because of the long weekend.

They show up today and they are a newer model with different lenses, but the build is much stronger and they look pretty much the same. Cool thing is they will not break where they did before and the lenses wrap around the sides more. Looking at the serfas website they say they are polarized too. I have not been able to tell if they are polarized yet, but the ride to work after lunch was really enjoyable. I had a much more open field of vision and a really clear view without being too dark.

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