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I am in battery heaven $24 for 8 AA batteries (eneloop content)


Picked up some eneloop batteries.

Back when I posted about my neato battery charger, Marlin mentioned I get some eneloop batteries. I read up on them and there are tons of sites that go into detail of how cool they are, but it all comes down to one thing. They have a very low discharge rate when stored. You can use them a year after they have been charged.

We use the heck out of rechargable batteries. Wiimotes, remotes, flashlights, makeup mirrors, and lots more. Biggest problem is when our batteries run out we put in some we had charged earlier and they hardly last. Also with flashlights once you go to use it, it is near death. I am hoping these change that a bit. Yeah I could buy a lot of batteries for $24, but if these work good it is totally worth it.


So they come charged just to prove how well they hold their charge. I did not use anything fancier than our wii to see, and that looks charged to me.

Got my second roomba replacement battery in the mail today as well. Both of our 500 series roombas now have new battery packs and wow do they run for a long time. I will post about the whole roomba army I have amassed here soon. It sorta crazy.

The roomba we got from woot had a decent battery, but we used the hell out of it and instead of 30 minutes of action we were lucky to get 10. With the new batteries a full hour is normal. Sometimes the roomba will dock when it is still green because it is done cleaning the room. Pretty cool. I tried to force the old battery into a deep cycle recharge and used something I built years ago to drain RC car battery packs. Worked like a charm, but a little too good. 10 auto bulbs suck a helluva lot of power. I thought the batteries were going to melt. Woops 😉


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