I am actually honored and absolutely ashamed to be notified so often about bacon links


The bacon explosion

As of Thurs evening I recieved my 7th person telling me about this article in the NYT.

I am absolutely honored to be a source of bacon info. Thing is I think I am able to offer something beyond the current bacon craze / meme that has sweeped the internets lately. I made my own bacon, get bacon from across the country with the BOM club. And I know most who visit here have already seen the bacon explosion site hot right now, so I did not post about it. I envy them. Thing is I already posted about this back in October.

I am trying to establish a more highbrow level of bacon information and peeps sending me info is very much appreciated. I will shock the world some day. Swears. Please do not see this post as a do not send me stuff about bacon type of attitude. I am very gracious. Just wanted to let you know why I did not post about it before. Fudge it it coulda taken up one of the 5 posts a day I promise.

Truth is I have reduced my bacon consumption my 50% over the past few months. I see it as a treat and only the really good stuff is worth my time. I am 2 months away from the bacon party where I bust out the 12 months of bacon club selections for all who wish to come. It should be fun.


And keep sending me bacon links please

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