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I am a weeeeeeeenur. Thanks The Impulsive Buy

I have been following The Impulsive Buy for years. I just like the way the guy writes and his sense of humor. I entered into a drawing for some gum and won.

Hello there,

Check your mouth. Are you chewing gum? You aren’t? Well, you soon will be because you just won three packs of Extra Dessert Delights gum from The Impulsive Buy.


(I will pause to allow you to celebrate, which I hope involves shaking your ass.)

To receive your prize, please email me your mailing address and I’ll mail your packs of gum to you so that you can enjoy all of its chewy fake dessert goodness.

Thank you for participating and for reading The Impulsive Buy.


When I was just a lad I had a dad. He had this job and stuff. He would take his family to the company picnic yearly. One year we went to this place called grandpas woods. It was some crappy golf course, but they had cool camp like activities and I had a blast. After the meal they had drawing for prizes and I was in the kids group and won a snoopy kiddie fishing pole. It was the first thing I had ever won and I can still feel the warm glow of that day when I look back on it.

Well I used to be able to remember the feeling until just a few minutes ago. Now I am feeling all sorts of emotions and salivating at the chance to try dessert gum. Not exactly as cool as being paid in trident layers, but I am still overjoyed. Sorry dad, you have been replaced. Can’t wait to tell him at Easter.

I did just stand up and shaketh thee ass. Coworker looked at me strange so I told him my boxers were riding up on me.

Marvo i have been following you for years. For some reason I never really comment. Sorry about that. Often when chatting in IRC with friends I will copy and paste word strings you have shared on the internets and people are all WTF? I like the cut of your jib. Iffin you could, maybe some more hair removal posts. it sure did put a smile on my face.

Thanks a bunch.


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