I aint f%$king around any more

I am almost at 1,000 posts from the seven months ago I changed to a blog based site. Most of those were the 5 posts a day I promised (look above 😉 ) well I made every stupid link or post one of them almost 1,000 posts.
Thing is I find so much stupid crap every day and I decide not to share it with ya cuz I do not want to crowd the front page and make you go to the next.
You might of noticed I have done some random crap posts lately with a bunch of vids and stupid links.
Well that is my plan. I want you to spend some time on all the dumb crap I post here.

Oh and as I have seen on other sites I am ganking the style off or. I am gonna start putting links to hot chix cuz it drives traffic like crazy. Of course I have almost pr0n for that. But it will make peeps come back.

So for the first time I link to a major hottie. Keeley Hazell is the frickin bomb.

frickin use google to get NSFW pics.

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