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I <3 <3 <3 Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch is a group of really cool veterinarians that have set up a site that takes donations to help / save animals from shelters that would of been put down. I have donated and love every video they put out. Many of their videos show the procedures that it takes to save these animals. It can get graphic, but they are so awesome and have done so much to help so many animals that would of not been saved with funds sent in by viewers.

Margogh gets rescued, fixed by Doctor Karri, and finally adopted 🙂

WARNING: the video below shows wounds that are a bit graphic, but it saves a dog who lost an ear and is not too bad.

I am so addicted to these awesome vids and Vet Ranch in general. Every vid takes a lot of time to be made because it follows the journey to first assessment all the way to healed and a couple of minutes of watching them play and be happy.

Vet Ranch site

vet Ranch FB

Vet Ranch youtube

About Vet Ranch:

So this is my new project, to build Vet Ranch to be a place where homeless animals can come to be cured. Cured from treatable injury or disease that would otherwise prevent them from being adopted or result in euthanasia. I look forward to working with all of Vet Ranch’s viewers to help save as many animals as possible. All donations will go directly to the cost of treatment for the animals you see on Vet Ranch. Therefor, YOU have a direct impact on the animals, and thanks to the power of YouTube, you will see the faces of the animals that you have impacted. You can hear those purrs and see those waggy tails at the end of their recovery.

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