how to fix the LE error on a LG laundry washer

unplug it for 30 minutes.

Amazing eh? Panic set in when we saw the error, we went to a laundromat, we fretted about how to pay for the fix, who to call to fix it, it sucked. It was my first major appliance purchase as a homeowner (well a fridge, but it makes the story sound better).

Searched online and found out about the dreaded LE error that plagues older and current LG models. Heck it even talks about it on the LG site. It happens from spinning the drum manually, not using low suds detergent, build up of detergent and fabric softener, and sometimes a load that is too big.

The first time I unplugged it it failed, as with the second and third. The key is to empty all the soaked stuff out and just do a rinse and spin with nothing in it. Helps wash it out and make it happy.

Still that is really lame.

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