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hot and naked chicken aka grease bomb


Funny I googled hot and naked spaghetti and an article in the LJS was at the top. I guess this might be called something else, but I know Spaghetti works and my mom call it that.

It is basically butter, olive oil, and oregano. When done lightly it can be pretty pleasing. I wanted to kick it up a notch and get lots of garlic in there. Also I really enjoy chix from the olive garden which has a nice browning, realy flat, and packed with flavor. I figured I would try and mix it up. Not too bad, but heavy like I thought it would be.

Smashed the crap out of the chix breast. Cut off all the fat and strange stuff. Put it in some cling wrap with some water to lube it all up. Pounded it with care pretty darn thin.


Melted some butter with fresh chopped garlic, oregano, and olive oil. Low heat to meld it together.


cooked up the flattened chix breast with a touch of salt and pepper and cooked it in some clarified butter, garlic, and olive oil.



cooked up some thin spaghetti and tossed it in the hot and naked sauce. Then added some parm cheese.


Not too bad. Did not have enough oregano and the garlic overpowered. Still darn tasty, but the oiliness of it was too much.

meh…. something different.


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