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Honest Abe’s Burgers and Freedom


A little over a week ago I saw a FB post from a burger aficionado friend saying he was severely impressed by Honest Abe’s Burgers & Freedom after attending a soft opening. I searched around for info and found little. Asked on the forum and friends found it. Seems that was their plan because they opened up this weekend and wanted to ease into it.



I went with The Greatest Burger Ever hold the onion, but with onion rings (yeah I know). Theresa got a cheeseburger and freedom fries. I forgot to notice if they grilled them or used a flat top or if their buns were toasted, I just dug in. The awesome sauce has a unique flavor with garlic and cumin and such. It would make a great fry sauce. Burgers were cooked medium and were amazingly good. The soft bun, thick crispy bacon, sauce, and catsup got a bit messy towards the end, but I just kept going because it was so good.

The freedom fries were really good and cut there like 5 guys does, but these were thinner, perfectly cooked, and seasoned will with a great seasoning and herb mix. The rings were very sturdy, not soggy at all, and tasted good. We both left full and happy.

They are located at 854 N 70th St in the Medowlane shopping plaza. The place has around 11 tables and you order from the counter and they bring the food out. The decoration on the wall cracked me up. I never knew Abe Lincoln addressed a crowd with a big burger in his hand 😉 The menu looks like it was painted on a chalkboard wall with some items in chalk including a burger that is not on their online menu.

Honest Abe’s is a member of GROUND UP Restaurants who have the GUP kitchen food truck.

GUP, stands for Ground Up and is a concept of food and way of making it. GUP’s namesake comes from the idea that you should know where your food comes from; “literally from the ground up.” It also implies the reality that, everything you will eat is seasoned with hand-ground and custom-blended spices and sauces. GUP is a mobile cuisine based in Lincoln, Nebraska combining scratch cooking and local ingredients to provide a unique experience for everyone.

You can tell they worked hard on making a quality meal. We plan on going back soon, but I fear they are going to be very popular for quite a while. They do take out as well so we could always go eat at a nearby park. I need to try their chicken fingers for sure.

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