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hit my goal of 6 weeks for my first beard

6 week of beard

I like it. It has been fun to keep trimmed and hides the extra chin nicely. I pledged 6 weeks before I gave up and am going to keep on going. It will be history when the warmth hits, but for now I am liking it.

It has been a fun adventure. When I started it off I sorta needed a haircut. I was pretty much a clean and neat flat top kind of guy. It was a horrible look, but I just did not like the poofy sides or hair on my forehead. It was bad.

With growing out the facial hair I just gave up on my head hair and let it grow. It was amazing. I sorta let it all got for the first 3 weeks before I trimmed the beard a bit and hit my hair cutter. I decided to keep going with it all and see what happened.

It really all has come down to me being darn happy with my personal image. I hate my 2nd chin, and the beard hides it decently. I hate my hair so much, but letting it go has let me see that I can totally do longer hair and embrace my curls.

All in all the entire experiment of my first beard had done empowered me and make me happier about my self image.

I am not sure I could rock face hair in warm times, but I am thouroughly enjoying it. The first time I cleaned up the beard I felt so presentable and actually proud. I have been told my neckline is sort of awesome and I should not mess with it. Seems it makes some folks a bit jealous. I never knew I had that power.

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