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Hershey’s Drops

Have you ever seen the Mythbusters where they polish a turd? I think I watched part of it and remember the walrus looking one used some actual polish and the albino looking one was all like that is not fair. Might be the other way around. What I am getting at is that I would eat these hershey’s drops than a polished turd, but man do they look alike.

I am currently having my lawyer friend look into the whole “no candy shell – no mess” claim. There is something going on with these. There is at least a slight wax or something on them to get them so shiny and smooth. They remind me of really big milk duds, which have pretty much the same shiny “shell”. FYI: I am not talking about the times where you buy a box of milk duds and they have all melted into a glob in the bottom of the box. When it gets in your mouth you can feel your mouth juices tearing down the “shell” of these drops, but that only lasts a second or so and you at home with the familiar hershey’s milk chocolate.

The candy blog has more info and it seems they have the cookies and cream variety out as well.

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