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Hercules is looking for a home

mM made this post over on FFL.

This is Hercules. His first owners tied a cord around his chest when he was little. He was found as a stray and turned into the Humane Society. Still had the cord around his chest, which had cut into his skin all the way around his body, since he didn’t have the sense to stop growing until he could get the cord cut off.

We do foster care for animals from the Humane Society, so Hercules stayed with us for a couple of weeks while he healed up (that pink curve across his chest is the scar when it was healing over). He is an active and playful dog, and he got along with our our dog and two cats with no problems. He isn’t quite done with housebreaking practice. We turned him back over to the Humane Society last Monday, they gave him the necessary surgery (cross your legs here), and now he is up for adoption. He is a pit bull, so whoever adopts him will need a fenced yard. I’d guess his adult weight will be 50 to 60 pounds. He’s going to need an owner who isn’t adopting him for the reasons most people adopt pit bulls.

Stop over at the Capital Humane Society this weekend and take a look if you can give him the home he deserves.

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