Happy birfday Fuggles


My little bitch is pert near a year old. lets just say July 4th. So we have put up with her for 9 months. it has been a tough 9 months. She attacked Theresa, got in scuffles with Maggie, chewed up some stuff, and destroyed a waterbed. But mostly she has filled our hearts with joy.

She is an excelent trail doggie. She loves the trail and has gone on 11 mile rides before. She does not really care about sticking by me when with a large group of riders, but she pretty much sticks with the group. Although a bit bigger than Maggie she seems to see Maggie as the dominant one and fills the house with puppy playfulness.

She is now free to roam the house and not be locked up in a kennel when we leave them in the house alone. Couple shoes have been chewed, but nothing else really. And I would hate to be a burglar who met her. She looks pretty menacing and can be bitey.

We gonna make her a meat pie and frost it with lard 😉

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