Guinness Red Harvest Stout


Once I saw this I grabbed it. The cans are beautiful and the beer is smooth and awesome. I think they are sorta fudging it with the “stout”, it seems like more of a dark red, but I do not mind. Has the widget in there. I found it at Hy-Vee and have not found it at other places yet. I will be picking more up for sure.

Press Release

GUINNESS® Red Harvest Stout celebrates the brand’s brewing tradition with its mildly sweet, velvety taste and deep red hue. The stout is crafted with a blend of lightly roasted barley which allows for aromas of caramel and toffee and is supported by a sweet malty taste. When poured into a pint glass, the nitrogen widget creates the iconic surge, unleashing the sweet and alluring flavors and delivering a distinctively smooth, flavorful taste experience to be enjoyed responsibly.

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