grilled some wings this weekend


I enjoy a good wing every now and then, but it is usually a big hassle to make them and it stinks up the house with the oil. I have resorted to frying outside, but still it is a lot of work. I decided to give just grilling the wings a try. We do not grill chicken on the bone often, so I was a bit hesitant, but it worked out great.

I coated the raw wings in some melted butter, cayenne pepper, and franks original sauce and put them on a low heat grill. I turned them often and added more sauce to them by moving them to a bowl and stirring the sauce to coat. They were not as crispy as a fried wing, but the smoky flavor from the grease hitting the grill rocks added a nice touch. I enjoyed them so much I did another batch the next day. It was much easier than frying them and I will go with this method from now on.

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