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Greta’s Gourmet hickory smoked bacon


Picked this up from Greta’s last night and we were doing brinner so I had to try it. They smoke it there, so it is very local and looked amazing. I am wondering if I just got a end of the slab or if they trim the pork sides, because there is so little fat on this and it is all meat. With so little fat it stuck to my cast iron even though it is seasoned with years of bacon carbon. It did not curl or shrink at all. I highly doubt it was injected with a brine for that reason. With no ingredients listed I have no way to tell.

I like this bacon. It is not very smoky, but the meatiness and thickness are perfect. The flavor is very natural and very enjoyable. I would hope they capture the local market by adding a peppered version and maybe kicking the smoke up a bit. Maybe offer a double smoked version for us who crave that.

I will buy again for sure.

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Just look at how little fat there is in those pieces. NOM

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