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great deal on a really nice chef knife


I really like my kitchen knives and have been geeking out on them for a while. Headed to amazon to check out some of the really fancy knives and saw many references to the Victorinox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife in reviews of very expensive knives. Victorinox, who makes those swiss army knives sells a decent priced knife with a plastic handle. They usually run $30, but Amazon has them on sale for $13 and has for a few weeks. If you have been thinking of getting a nice chefs knife this is a perfect one for so cheap. On a slightly different note, if you are a survival knife collector, these pocket knife reviews are for you!

The blade is a high carbon stainless and is polished to a mirror finish. the spine is rounded and the handle is molded for a perfect pinch grip that will not cause discomfort during lots of cutting. When I compare it to my Kitchenaid knife, the Victorinox seems stronger and is a bit wider. I picked up two of them and they got a bunch of use over the weekend.

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