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T loves mushed taters and gravy, well really anything with gravy. Two weekends ago we made food with gravy 3 days in a row. Actually I would say 1/2 of our meals involve some sort of gravy. Chicken goop, beef goop, fake hot beef, stew (it is like gravy soup), roast chicken, roast beef, etc….

She loves gravy so much that she would be completely happy with just taters and gravy. She would do gravy shots. She loves gravy. I thik it is cuz I make such good gravy. I started out trying to make it from drippings, using startch, milk, and just flower. It was always hit or miss and often the fat from the drippings made it just a bit too much.

Then I got it figured out. The secret is to make a roux and then add the broth, get the right thickness, and season it up a bit. it comes out perfect almost every time.

making gravy from drippings is something I never mastered. They are very variable and usually really fatty. Making a generic gravy perfect is a great solution.

– Get a good sauce pan.
– two tablespoons of butter
– two tablespoons of flower or more
– 3/4 can of condensed broth (double powered)
– 3/4 can regular broth (low sodium works better)
– seasoning

Melt the butter on medium or a bit below.
Add the flour and whisk it in till it makes a pretty thick paste and starts to clump up.
You can brown the roux a bit, but it is not necessary.
Add some of both of the broths and let it get thick, still on medium heat. Wisk like a mad man.
It needs to get hot enough to start bubbling for the thickening power to work.
Add more of either broth till it gets to the right thickness.
I use misty’s seasoning and black pepper. Sometimes some parsley flakes if it is chicken gravy. salt will not be needed because you might boil down the liquid, and the condensed is salty.
Remember to get it a bit thinner than you would think it should be cuz when it cools it will set.
When it is done it is done, no reason to steep it or cook it for a long time.

it is almost too easy. We roasting a bawk bawk tonight and you bet your ass there will be gravy.

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