got my Onyx Illluminator Ingress badge tonight by covering Lincoln with 16 layers



Crazy time where I missed the Seward exit and had to back track, but we threw all the fields with 2 minutes to spare to get it done before the check point. Crazy coordination where we were on speaker phone and throwing in you get two, I get two fashion.

The Onyx Illuminator badge is the top one. I got it tonight and wow it was fun. There is no higher badge, so from now on it is just bragging rights.

It is crazy operations like this that makes the game fun. This time it was just two of us who did it all. No assists from the usual team. It was a sneak OP and it worked.

2.3 million MU and now we wait to see what the frogs do.


It has made a 2nd CP 🙂

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