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got an ice cream maker. Made some sorbet

We have wanted one of these for a while. Jake mentioned he got an ice cream maker and had made some good stuff. We opted for the kitchenaid one. It cost a bit more than other makers, but figured it was worth it. Picked it up yesterday but had to freeze the bowl for 15 hours. But it is best to chill your mix for 6 hours or so anyway.

I decided to use white flesh peaches for my first attempt at a sorbet. Unfortunately they were not too packed with flavor so I added lemon juice, lime juice, Knotts berry farm boysenberry syrup, and a bit of tequila to add to the flavor. Fired it up over lunch, was cool (he he cool). Made a bit of a mess, but it tasted awesome. It is sitting in the freezer right now firming up for a cool treat this evening.

Theresa’s first thought was to make doggie ice cream which she can make little doggie ice cream sammiches with her home made dog treats. Man those dogs are spoiled. Gonna make up a batch of basic vanilla tonight for tomorrow. And yes Katy you can borrow it sometime, but we gonna mess with it a for a week or so.

As with Jake, Alton Brown was the inspiration for us.

Good eats churn baby churn part 1

Good eats churn baby churn part 2

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